CAD OfficialCAD (control-alternate-delete) training will assist participants to take control of their emotional intelligence. Participants will have the ability to identify and control own emotions and the emotions of others thus finding the alternative of handling such emotions and delete appropriately whenever necessary.

CAD Training is perfect for individuals who want to understand:

  1. More about their own emotions;
  1. How to handle their own emotions;
  1. How emotions impact people;
  1. How they choose the impact of their behaviours; and
  1. How to improve social interactions and relationships.

By the end of this CAD Training Module, participants will have:

  1. Gained an insight into emotional intelligence;
  2. Developed self awareness of personal emotions;
  3. Explored ways to handle personal emotions and find alternatives;
  4. Explored ways to advance personal emotional intelligence;
  5. Understood the consequences of behaviour and weigh decisions before action;
  6. Understood and practice Control-Alternate-Delete (CAD) Technique in relations to their emotions and actions; and
  7. Recognised emotions in others, responding to those emotions in order to inspire high performance.


  1. Increased ability to discuss emotions;
  1. Awareness of how emotions influence decision making; and
  1. Ability to build and maintain relationships for social and career success.

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